Cloud-Based Managed SD-WAN Solutions & Services

Whether you’re hosting in the cloud or relying on a hybrid cloud communications solution for your clients, Telin’s SD-WAN offering will ensure you deliver a better application experience, with greater security, optimized for cloud connectivity.

With the ability to provide seamless and secure failover and redundancy in worst-case scenarios, our SD-WAN offering delivers peace of mind that your clients will never be caught off guard, whether they are operating in a remote location or simply need to scale up or down in a matter of seconds.

Telin’s SD-WAN capabilities include:

  • Application Priority – Prioritize at the application level and segregate critical traffic over routine for a better customer experience. With SD-WAN’s application priority features, you can apply priorities to single- or multi-link environments, for both the destination (e.g., video conference provider or CRM platform) and traffic source.
  • Multi-link Performance – SD-WAN ensures proper routing of mission-critical voice and data traffic at the highest performance level. By continually monitoring and measuring link quality to identify possible degradation, and moving traffic accordingly, the multi-link performance feature ensures the traffic you value most always finds the best path to its destination. Plus, you get complete control over which applications get priority and how they should behave in various WAN degradation levels or outages.
  • Stateful SIP Transfer (SST) – SST combines application routing priorities and multi-link performance to manage SIP voice sessions across multiple WAN connections. Should link quality degradation occur, SST will move the SIP session from one WAN link to another, without affecting voice sessions. No more dropped calls or poor voice performance.
  • Survivability – SD-WAN provides FXO failover, plus basic PBX features during outage conditions, so you’ll never lose connection. With SD-WAN’s survivability feature, you’ll benefit from greater resiliency and business continuity.
  • Hot Failover – In the event of a WAN disconnection (e.g., if a WAN connection breaks during a video conference), Hot Failover will transfer your traffic to another connection while maintaining session persistence—all seamless to the end-user.
  • WAN Smoothing – Using intelligent, back-end algorithms, WAN Smoothing fills in connectivity gaps by trading bandwidth for better connection resiliency. Ideal for those times when you need reliability and responsiveness over speed, WAN smoothing minimizes latency and reduces the impact of packet loss.
  • Bandwidth Bonding: Aggregate your bandwidth media, including data documents, real-time POS data, video feeds, VoIP conversations and more, into on one single pipeline. Budget-friendly, ultra-fast and easily configurable, bandwidth bonding helps you stay connected anywhere on your WAN.

To learn more about Telin’s SD-WAN capabilities, call 844-673-5945 or submit a request for information below.

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