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Simply Powerful

Simplify your day to day. Bring the power and reliability of the Telin all-in-one communications platform to your small business at an amazing price.

Supercharge Your Business Phone.

Keep up with the ever increasing speed of business communications on a business phone platform built for the modern day company. With Telin you can optimize your day to day communications with external clients and internal employees using one cohesive platform.

All-In-One Communications

With everything in one place you can focus on your business. Talk, text, and video chat are combined into one intuitive platform. And if you still have to send some faxes, it does that too.

With You Wherever You Go

Our cloud based communications platform lets you run your business how you want. Whether you’re answering calls from your smartphone app, video conferencing from your computer, or taking a call on your good old desk phone, you can enjoy the freedom that the Telin platform provides.

Scale Like A Pro

With a simple on-boarding process, an intuitive admin interface, and industry leading support, you can rest easy knowing your communications will be ready to grow as soon as you are.

With All The Features You Expect. And Some You Don’t.

Cloud PBX

Our cloud PBX lets you get up and running in no time with simple employee management and setup, the latest features updated automatically across the system, and the reliability and security you would expect from a cloud based platform.


Bring your desk phone into the 21st century with the power and reliability of the internet. Easily switch your legacy desk phone network to the cloud with Telin.

Unified Communications

With everything in one place you can focus on your business. Talk, text, and video chat are all included on one intuitive platform. And if you still have to send some faxes that’s included too.

Toll-Free Numbers

Give your business that local feel with custom local numbers while giving your customers the convenience of calling from wherever they are. Get started with your very own vanity number, including 800 numbers, and make your business stand out.

Auto Receptionist

Get setup with a friendly and intuitive virtual assistant that can greet and direct your customers to wherever they need to go.

Call Forwarding

Missing calls is so last year. With advanced call forwarding you can sequentially or simultaneously send a call to all of your devices, including desk phones, so your customers are always taken care of.

Call Recording

Whether you need to record them for quality or training purposes, it’s as easy as pressing a button.

Video & Audio Meetings

Video chat isn’t just for calling your aunt in Europe. Take advantage of virtual meetings and get everyone in the same virtual room, even if you have offices around the globe.


Freedom To Communicate.

Enjoy the freedom of having a cloud based communications platform that integrates seamlessly with onsite equipment. Choose how you take advantage of your business communications. Whether you’re transferring a call from your desk phone to your mobile device because you are running late for your next meeting, or setting up custom call forwarding options to never miss a call again, the Telin communication platform is as powerful as it is adaptable.

BYOD. Or Not.

Whether you’re bringing your own equipment or need to upgrade, we have you covered. With a variety of choices for new hardware, we make upgrading as easy as deploying the Telin communications platform.

Seeing Is Believing

Sign up for a free, personalized demo and see how the power of the cloud can work for your business.