Your clients deserve the best, most reliable telecommunications hardware solution for a powerful, flexible, and versatile communications experience. That is why we partner with SNOM, a pioneer in professional and enterprise VoIP phones that delivers a feature-rich suite of solutions to address any situation across any industry. At Telin, we pre-provision our products, which means your clients will get a fully plug-and-play solution, out of the box, for easy setup.

Why choose SNOM:

  • Three-year warranty
  • North American support, provided by Telin, for all devices
  • Exclusive partner pricing (guaranteed margins)
  • Two-day replacement on any warranty product with a brand-new device, not refurbished

Additionally, with long-standing relationships with leading technology and VoIP manufacturers, we also offer the best, most cost-effective networking and switching equipment on the market for the easy sharing of information and applications across the organization.   

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