White Label Billing

Simplify your billing process with Telin’s white label billing platform. At no up-front cost to you, our intuitive billing tool lets you:


  • Build company-branded invoices that include your company’s logos and colors
  • Create SKUs at your preferred margins
  • Form client sub-accounts that allow customers to see invoices, change payment information and manage their bills

Without having to worry about:


  • Telecom utility taxes
  • FCC regulations
  • Payment gateways

View a sample invoice.


Tax Rating Engine

The telecom taxation arena has grown increasingly complex, making it difficult for most businesses to stay on top of its many nuances and requirements. Telin’s automated tax rating engine drastically simplifies the process, while saving you money on those pricey accountants.

More specifically, the tool will remit your state E911 tax, your Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF), and your recovery and Federal TRS Fund fees.

For more information about our white label billing and tax rating engine services, please contact our team today.


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