What Is One Console?

Author: James Loder

We all know Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote, “Time is money.” The question, though, is how can we use this knowledge to prosper running a business? Time management is a task that is constantly changing and can seem at times to be exogenous at best. For 3CX resellers, however, Telin Systems has developed the One Console, designed to save you time and money so you can focus on growing your business. 

So, what is the One Console exactly? Telin’s One Console is a partner portal that allows you to order telephony products and services in one place while also helping you seamlessly manage all of your clients’ UCaaS services. This consolidates your SIP trunking, hosting, licensing, and hardware into one easy to use platform. Not only are you able to track your customers’ usage to improve quality of service, you can also order any of Telin’s UCaaS products or services from the same platform.

Once you are logged into the Console, the first thing you will notice is the robust dashboard, which provides you with all the essential information about the services your customer is utilizing through Telin. One of the coolest features of the dashboard is how it shows the usage of your clients’ cloud hosting and SIP trunks. Taking advantage of these kinds of tools can help you make informed decisions based on actual data points, with access to the most important UCaaS metrics.

For hosting, One Console keeps all of your 3CX PBXs in one spot. Click on any of them to expand, and you will see resource usage and more. If any of your servers are over stressed, or if your PBX status is bad, the server on the dashboard will turn from green to red and highlight for you the exact resource where the problem lies. 

For the SIP trunks, the dashboard is designed to show you each customer’s daily usage on an easy to digest line graph. Additionally, you will no longer have to contact your provider for CDR logs or call reports, as there is a section in the Console that gives you all of this information. With a section for 3CX licensing that includes an auto-renewal feature and an area to order all of your hardware, the One Console consolidates your telephony needs for better organization and management.

Perhaps most importantly, One Console helps you manage porting, E911, DIDs, number spoofing, and billing integration. Number porting and managing E911 registration is simplified through automation; and in compliance with the STIR/SHAKEN protocols and procedures, the One Console makes number spoofing safe and easy with just the click of a button. Saving the best for last, new DIDs can be sorted before purchase – by rate center or by any string of numbers – in the DID, which can make finding the perfect phone number for your customer more efficient than ever.

If you’re still not sold, consider One Console’s advanced automation processes, which encompass purchasing, invoicing, licensing, eFax, usage reports, and complete customer management. For customer management, specifically, you can even search and organize your customers’ services by date, name, amount – or any of a number of other useful metrics.

In closing, I’ll leave you with another great quote and a bit of food for thought. Jeff Duntemann once said, “A good tool improves the way you work. A great tool improves the way you think.” Whether you’re looking for business growth, customer stickiness, or increased efficiency, why not make sure you have the best tools available to set yourself up for success? If you know they exist and are readily available, what is stopping you from taking control of your time?


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