3CX Spotlight on Telin’s Solution Provider Journey:

Author: Telin | Unified Communications

Want to know how a titanium solutions provider built their highly profitable SaaS portfolio? Of course, you do!

If you’re new to the partner program, or aspiring to grow your existing 3CX business, you’ve probably wondered what it takes to rule the 3CX world and reach the holy grail of 3CX partnerdom- the Titanium level.

The coveted Titanium partner status is 3CX’s highest partner tier and consequently, it’s reserved for true 3CX all-stars. After all, selling $100,000+ of licenses each year is no mean feat! As a reward for their efforts, titanium partners enjoy premium support, a generous margin and have the option to become approved solutions providers, so there’s plenty of reasons to have your sights firmly planted on joining the club. The good news: with the right strategy, it’s more attainable than you might think.

4 Years to Rule the Roost

In just 4 years, Telin Systems grew their business from a silver partner working under a distributor to a Titanium Solutions Provider supporting over 1,200 partners worldwide. With offices across North America and Australia, it’s not only revenue that’s grown, but also their global footprint and weight within the channel. Nowadays, Telin is focusing on supporting partner growth, as VP Zack Lee explained:

“Over the past year, we’ve focused on building a one-stop-shop to service our partners. We realized that given our experience in the industry (and some of the more difficult learnings we’ve faced along the way), we’re uniquely positioned to offer advice to partners on the same journey. We’ve fine-tuned our portfolio over the years to offer the perfect combination of client value and performance, and still have a high return that enables us to grow. After speaking to newer partners and discovering they were replicating some of our early learnings, we realized that our experience should be shared.

Our aim as a solutions provider is to become a trusted advisor to our partners and a distributor of end-to-end 3CX solutions. Partners can fulfil all the requirements for their unified communications technology from us and enjoy peace of mind, as they’ve got a tried and tested end-to-end solution”

– Zack Lee, VP, Telin Systems

Inspired by Telin’s journey?

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